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Our comprehensive eye exams involve:

  1. Thorough case history and attentive determination of specific visual concerns and complaints
  2. Visual acuity assessment
  3. Binocular vision and eye muscle assessment
  4. Prescription check for glasses and/or contact lenses
  5. Ocular health assessment

Ancillary/additional testing including visual fields, retinal photography, and OCT retinal imaging to aid in early detection and diagnosis of a variety of eye diseases/conditions.



affiliate of TLC and LASIK MD


Dr. Casier has established close working relationships with local ophthalmologists. Timely arrangement of referral consults can be provided for circumstances that require further assessment or surgical treatment.

Eye See Eye Learn (ESEL)

Dockside Optometry is a participant of the ESEL program which is a government funded program in collaboration with the OAO, Modern Optical, and Plastic Plus, that provides a complimentary pair of glasses for children in their J/K year of school, if determined necessary by their optometrist.


As early as 6 months old, we are able to exam the eyes to ensure they are on the right developmental path. We are able to do this by assessing ocular alignment, general eye health, and refractive correction.

Did You Know? All children and young adults 19 years of age and under are covered yearly by OHIP to receive a full eye exam.

As our eyes play a fundamental role in learning, it is recommended that all children have their eyes examined before entering school and yearly thereafter.


We are pleased to offer direct billing to the insurance providers listed below.  Allow us to save you time and effort by submitting your eye care claim on your behalf.

Don’t worry about paying out of pocket first and then going through the paperwork to get reimbursed at a later date. We have stepped in and will bill the insurance company directly. You just have to give us the authority to do so and provide us with the details of your policy number and a member ID. It’s that simple. We take care of the rest.

We submit your eye care claims for you so you don’t have to.


Prescription eyewear and sunglasses are available in a variety of brands, styles and sizes with professional assistance in fittings/adjustments to assure clear and comfortable vision.

Contact lens fittings, assessments and retail supply orders are also offered for single vision, toric (astigmatism) and multi-focal designs in daily or monthly disposables.