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What should be considered an eye emergency?2019-05-09T00:32:09+00:00
  • Foreign body
  • Chemical trauma
  • Blunt trauma
  • Corneal abrasion
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Red eye accompanied by light sensitivity/pain/decreased vision
  • New onset of flashes and floaters
* Please be advised the above list is simply for reference only.  If you experience any symptoms not mentioned above that you feel in an emergency please contact our office.
Is Dockside Optometry accepting new patients?2019-03-06T00:11:05+00:00

Absolutely. New patients are always welcomed.

How long does an eye exam take?2019-04-30T02:15:12+00:00

Most eye exams take about 30-45 minutes. A small portion of the time will be spent with the doctor’s assistant who will perform some preliminary testing. The remainder and majority of the time will be spent with the doctor. 

How often should my children have their eyes examined?2019-03-06T00:06:17+00:00

We recommend that all children receive an annual eye exam. Children grow quickly and their eye sight and eye health can change rapidly.

When does my eyeglass prescription expire?2019-04-30T02:16:52+00:00

Most eyeglass prescriptions have a 1 year expiry.

I had laser eye surgery, why do I need an eye exam?2019-04-30T02:21:18+00:00

Laser vision correction improves your vision but does not make you immune to general eye health conditions. Annual eye exams are still important to monitor for early signs of eye disease, regression with regards to vision, and possible long-term complications of laser surgery.

When should my child have his/her first eye examination?2019-04-30T02:28:10+00:00

Children as young as six months of age are recommended to have an eye exam to rule out a large prescription and assure proper eye alignment and eye health. Early diagnosis is essential to allow for optimal vision development in both eyes.

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